This is why we recycle

We all got a late Monday morning start. Even this guy. We had a recycling bonanza this week from Alain's party with a ton of aluminum cans (with the tops torn off for the Ronald McDonald House). We are used to our recyclables and big trash day refuse being picked through. And I was hoping the cans would be found because we know there's money to be made gathering aluminum.

This man got to our cans before anyone else and before the truck came. I grabbed my camera (what? I'm not sharing his face or selling his image) and shot through the window.

A few minutes would pass and I'd check again. He'd still be crushing cans.

The last time I looked, he was about to ride away on his bike but looked to see a funeral procession from the church across the street about to drive past him. He stopped. Got off of his bike. Took off his hat and bowed til all of the cars passed.

Precious. The kids and I are discussing it. And we prayed for the guy (and the severe weather all around us). And we are (I am) thankful for our house and the reminders of the broken world that we have the honor of seeing from our curb.


  1. Wow! What public school can you teach all that story encompasses in such a short amount of time? Love it!!! Your kids are so blessed.

  2. Yeah, what she said! :)