Prized Possessions

Scene: Mom walks into the house after attending worship service at Cross & Crown. The short ride home was lit up with lightning flashes and an incredible stillness ... no rain. Upon getting out of the car, I hear the tornado siren and went skipping into the house.

"Is this tornado warning really for us?" I yelled to my family who was nowhere to be found. It's never for us. We are tornado immune as evidenced by the 80-100 year old homes that surround us ... and the false scares we've had for the last 11 years in this house. There's some security in that! Probably unfounded ... but we do know the sirens blare for any possible tornado groan anywhere in our vast county.

"YES. Get down here." They yelled from the basement.

Two of three children were near tears, panicked and very frightened. Grant kept laughing and emphasizing that he was not afraid ... at all!

We listened to the radio coverage as they tracked a possible tornado that came within a half mile or so of here.

NO damage to anyone though. No touchdown of any tornado.

Giles had enough time to get his Play Station and take it downstairs. Lydia grabbed her "Beary" stuffed animal. Grant brought a flashlight! I wanted to sneak upstairs for a drink.

Tomorrow we anticipate snow.