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We've welcomed many new pets into the house. I love them. No messes. No training. And the kids are totally into taking care of them. And they are already taxidermied (word?). And their live versions all live inside the computer.

We are a little late into the Webkinz craze. But we're in.

We are a ridiculous stuffed animal house anyway. Now, there's more. Even the cool oldest kid coudn't resist anymore. And he's into it. But won't admit that to just anyone.

I've rationalized this noting how the kids have learned that each of their webkins(z) has to be fed before you can buy them clothes. That you have to work (play games) to earn money. And you have to save money to purchase items, such as hottubs and fancy pirate beds for their webkinz rooms and backyards!

It's interesting to see how they decorate their rooms, and what's most fun is to see their community together in Webkinz world. Grant sent Lydia a gift yesterday, and she was so thrilled. He got a squeal and a big hug for his gesture.

I should have thought of that for Easter baskets. Instead, they each got a new Webkin. Luckily, I found a 2-for-1 sale on them at the last minute.

Another educational application (in the REAL WORLD) happened yesterday when Giles said he heard of a kid that has 92 Webkinz. What?!

For one thing that would be a fulltime job to take care of all of them! (The kid would have to quit school for that).

But mostly my eyeballs rolled back into my head and my brain started cha-chinging. How much money is that?

So the multiplication problem of the day ... 92 x $15.

I pointed out that answer could buy a real hot tub for the back yard. Be a nice chunk of change toward a real car. Or pay for lots of education for orphans in Rwanda.