Sunday nights

When I read the book John Adams by David McCoullough more than a year ago, I was so enthralled that I started making notes and writing down quotes to incorporate into home school to tell the kids about this man. He did rise to the top of my fave presidents list. A year later, I can't find those notes, ack! And I can't remember a lot of particulars about the man, except I still admire him, and of course, love the wife!

Principled. Wise. Confident. Visionary. God seeking. Home educated as a child. Wife adoring. Committed writer. And I think humble, at times. Some people think he was a jerk. I almost got into a friendly argument the other day with a friend (except I'm too chicken to argue) who didn't like him because he was against women's suffrage. Well, maybe, but he was against slavery. So there. (I thought of that later).

You have to love those men who rode their horses from Boston to Philadelphia for the sake of founding a country ... there were no road breaks at Steak N Shake. Or podcasts to help pass the time trotting along the paths. Or sometimes fresh water and oats for the horses. Hard life. At home. On the road. And in yellow fever infested Philly. And that was all before the horrible war started.

So when I walked into the post office the other day and saw a large poster of "John" advertising his movie, I was elated! Then I was dejected, HBO. No HBO, yo.

Still it didn't take long for me to do a little mental rebudgeting, and wondering whether we could subscribe for the duration of the THREE MONTH LONG MINISERIES that shows on Sunday nights. And wondering whether it was time to get the DVR! Afterall, this could be school related ... and all of us love this period. The kids still play colonial times, Rev. war, etc.

Then those smart people at Cox Communication offered a deal to the dorks. Three months of HBO for $5 a month just for John Adams!

Signed, sealed, delivered. And Giles has already programmed the DVR to record for me.

I'm going to look for those notes. And I can't wait for the series!


  1. To say I have been touched by your writings is an understatement. Dawn, I am so glad I was able to stumble across your blog site. I hope it is okay that I read some of these. You and your family are awesome.

    Jim Hoyt