When the going gets tough ...

time to go to the movies.

There was nothing "tough" going on, except navigating the home school convention and work last Friday with the kids. I had a complicated schedule going on to attend convention, drop the kids off with dad so I could attend a luncheon for my part-time job (that requires me to leave the house only occasionally), pick the kids back up, maybe hit the convention again, and then home.

Such a day would be no sweat for me in the old days. Now stress and dread. That's pretty much how I anticipate any day that I have to wear makeup and not wear a tshirt.

I got out of the the luncheon deal but then the kids were bummed out they didn't get to go have lunch with Dad, so without thinking I popped off, "hey, let's do the convention and then go to the movies in Bricktown!" (We had a pass!)

At the convention we bumped into many friends, and was pleasantly surprised to see other people we know who are home schooling (yay) ... I did pretty well this year with the intimidation-overwhelmed-failure-over-stimulated emotions I had the first time I went. Lots of stuff. Lots of "eye candy" curriculum and "widgets."

We had the most fun at VISION FORUM's booth where of course, the boys bought toy pop guns, and a three-man water balloon slingshot. I bought this book I had been eyeing, Passionate Housewives Desperate for God!

On Saturday, I went back to buy Math U See.

But back to Friday, we ditched the convention and walked a few blocks to the theatre to see .... IRONMAN.

I was looking forward to a nap. But NO!
The movie is fantastic. There is one brief adult scene, but the kids were hiding their eyes before I could even do it for them.
Normally, I do not like comic book movies or that junk. I loved this one. And we never see movies on opening day!

Bonus. The movie "broke" twice, so we got free passes for another movie!

Great redemption. Great good vs. evil (good wins, sorry to spoil). And great message about peace not war. Please save us, Iron Man!