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God was so gracious to our family when we literally jumped into home educating with no preparation, no plan, and no idea whatsoever. I often tell people that we made our decision in about 25 seconds, and that is about right. Although God was preparing us along the way ... we just didn't know it. I know we didn't know it because I would say things like ....

"we will never ever ever ever ever EVER home school."

"Home schooling? Icky Olives! NO WAY."

I know God is still laughing at that one. It has taught me to refrain from any future "never say nevers."

God's grace in the beginning was by sending me a friend, Keli, who pointed us to Educating for Life and it's leader, Cheryl Lange.

That first meeting I attended, I heard for the first time about a person named Charlotte Mason, getting off of the conveyor belt of public education, and about a revolutionary little book and concept called "Better Late Than Early," and another book called "A Thomas Jefferson Education." It was heady stuff. I was freaked out and exhilarated.

I have wondered how our course might have been had I tried to bring school home with expensive curriculums, schedules and worksheets. Actually, I know what would have happened. We would have failed.

Yep. We still could be "failing" by certain world standards. But we are having fun! And I wouldn't trade this wonderful intimacy, joy and opportunity to learn together and disciple our children for anything. Thank you God.

And thanks Cheryl, you are a lodestar!

FINALLY ... her much anticipated website is online.
Lodestar Ministries.


  1. Icky olives.

    Oh my! Do you remember where that came from?

    I do appreciate the sincerity and pithiness of your article. However, I'm just laughing at the icky olives. I'll consider the true message later after I'm over my laugh-fest.

  2. By the way - I'm the "anonymous" poster.


  3. Scattergories, circa 1990.

    The letter wass "I" ... the subject is vegetable!

    The answer: Icky olives.

    Was it you, greg, stan, angi or me? I can't remember that part, but know whoever it was did NOT get the point. But icky olives lives!

  4. Are you enjoying A Thomas Jefferson Education?

    I blog about it occasionallly.

  5. We've covered this in email already, but just a correction or two about the olives. It must've been way before 1990 because it was my cousin, and she probably hasn't been able to play board games since about 1987.

    The letter was indeed "I", but the scattergory was "Pizza Toppings," and I did give her the point.