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And more Grant moments.

As Grant approached his fifth birthday, I started noticing that I didn't have an ache. When his brother and sister turned five, I had the mommy ache in my heart. The ache reminded me the end of an era was coming. The end of baby and the BEGINNING of sending them off to school ... every year for the rest of their lives until they move away. Nothing would ever be the same. Over.

I didn't have the ache with Grant. Granted (no pun intended), part of me is just tired, and a bit relieved that the days of diapers, potty training, wiping, dressing and other baby chores have left us! But more importantly, I don't have the ache because he's not going anywhere. I don't have that dark fear and dread of the day we walk up to the school and leave him there.

Yay for home educating!


  1. I hope Grant had a happy day yesterday!