After the Winter

extemporaneous poetry
by Grant, Lydia, Giles and Mom at Martin Park

16 turtles sunning on a log
fresh raccoon tracks
fresh deer tracks
fresh rabbit tracks

woodpecker pecking

cool water rippling over red rocks

bluegill minnow catching

barefoot children

spring flowing water - cold and rushing

tiny shell finding

minnows swimming with the current

mistletoe to see on barren branches

toes squishing into red mud

breeze is cold and the day is hot. spring is finally here! The sun is shining brighter than ever (by lydia)

woodpecker hammering

mom is barefoot

delightful path to nature's paradise

crawdad sighting

We love this place!

*the original title to this was Signs of Spring, but the kids came up with After the Winter. Isn't it much more poetical?
The picture was taken at Martin Park LAST YEAR in early March. I'm so glad I forgot my camera today, so we could write our pictures!