I'm not a big poetry fan, generally. I'm not very smart and usually I don't get it. But my daughter loves poetry. So of course, I love it now too. But the only type I know how to write is Haiku. Haiku writing actually signals something significant to me, it marked the first time that I had forgotten to do my homework, but remembered with two minutes to spare before class, and completed the assignment. Fifth grade. It would mark a pattern in my life (unfortunately) of working "best" under pressure, and beyond deadline whenever possible.

Here's some of today's efforts.

The Net

Her net split in two
by minnow fishing brother
sincere forgiveness

The Chinese Warrior

Broken stick makes sword
warrior fights his shadow
Chinese ninja wins!

Nature (written entirely by Lydia)

The wind blows lightly
The water has a small rush
The pine trees shaking


  1. On a busy street
    Hydrangeas changing faces
    Display nonchalance

    (I love haiku. Tell Lydia that the traditional haiku are usually (maybe always) about nature.)

    Your favorite haiku/hydrangea-loving friend

  2. hydrangeas bloom soon
    they are purple and pretty
    signs of spring coming
    by lydia