The big event

I'm just returned from a ladies' retreat at our church. It was awesome, but emotionally exhausting. I need a retreat from the retreat, and I didn't even help with anything. I've cried a few puddles since I've been back, processing it all. Stan joked that I am supposed to finish all that weepiness before I got home.

But not going to go into all of that. Instead I'll share something funny.

The weather was cold all weekend. Though we packed our bathing suits (as one friend said, what's a few pounds among friends), there was no way I would be enticed to submerge into the steamy water in the outdoor hot tub unless I never had to get out.

Apparently some girls hit the hot tub though. The next morning at breakfast a younger friend asked me if I was out there. She said someone saw the girls out there and commented that it was the "young" girls. But my friend said, No, because she (thought she) saw me out there! Nope!

Today, back home, I wore a new shirt. It's one of those long blousey shirts that could look maternity. But it's very cute and soft and the "kids" are wearing them!

We took a walk in the neighborhood this evening and one of the neighbors said, "when's the event?"
What, I asked, not understanding.

When's the event? he said.

I'm panicking because I can't understand what he said and feel like an idiot.

But so quickly the tables turn! He patted his stomach. The event, he said!

Oh. It's just a shirt. No event.

Sorry, he said.

I might be gettin old, but not that old, apparently!