Sweet Sixteen

May 30, 1992!

On our anniversary, I had planned on posting a love story. But life was happening, and I try to be fully involved when that's going on, so we've been living our love story, I've not been writing about it!

Some have heard Stan freely admit that he has a crush on the pioneer woman. (I am purposefully not linking to her here because I am so jealous). He has read her site. Loves it. He even googled her enough to find out where they really live (she need not fear he'll show up), and that there are pioneer woman haters out there. Why? But really, there are blogs that dis her. Poor girl.

Her writing is engaging and funny. Her photography is artistic and beautiful. But I think one of the real reasons that she has such appeal is because of the way she loves her man ... the Marlboro Man.

She gushes every time she writes about him.

What man doesn't want to be a Marlboro Man? Gee, I sound like John Eldridge.

But it's a reminder of how much we need to love our men. My Marlboro Man is amazing. Not sure I have it in me to write our own Black Heels to Tractor Wheels love story. But I bet I love my man more than she loves hers. So there!

Seriously, it might be a great exercise to recount and record our own Black Heels to Tractor Wheels which in our case, should be called ... hmmm .... I better think on that a while? Any ideas?

Here's about where it began. When we had matching hair ... this is probably taken in the year of marriage! :-)


  1. That last photo tells it all about how much you love Stan. You're just giddy in love.

  2. hee hee hee!! I had to laugh at these pics... in a good way!! love em! What cuties you both are!!! and yes I love hte matching hair!!! cracking me up!

  3. I knew you with hair like that!

    Seriously, you need to do the love story. I was there for part of it, but was to young to catch what was going on. I am only part of the way through PW's. And let's come up with a cute name for Stan like the Marlboro Man!

    Happy Anniversary