This is what we've pulled from our garden so far! These were plucked a couple of weeks ago from our pitiful little pea plants that we planted too late for our hot days. I do have a little lettuce outside that is coming in today, enough for a SMALL salad, but the spinach didn't make it either ... it got a good little start though before it got too hot. Plant it in early spring? Oh. I'll remember that next year. (Stan already knew all of this, of course. But I planted most of those seeds while he was at work). 

Next year ... we'll try that much earlier.

We didn't plant any annuals this year, in our long front "beds" where we usually spend a lot of money to plant periwinkles .... Instead, we have tomatoes and green beans! Along with a couple of squash, pepper and eggplant. I know my neighbors are horrified. But won't they be pleased if I bring over a basket of veggies later this summer?

I got a gorgeous basil plant this week at the Farmer's Market. And am growing cilantro, rosemary, thyme, chives, parsley and mint (for iced tea, dahlin'). Hurry up tomatoes ... salsa is calling!


  1. I want some salsa, and some of your guac...why don't you post that recipe?

    Your laid back attitude towards gardening is inspirational to me!

  2. oh yeah, and that picture is hysterical!

  3. Would you please ship some cilantro, rosemary, and mint? Thanks. Lymi.


  4. GOOD JOB YOU!!! Don't you love eating out of your own garden? It's so fun! We also frequent the local farmers market. We have basil, sage, rosemary, tangerine-thyme (so great!) and mint that runs wild in our garden bed. Every year we buy fresh herbs to use til they eventually die in Nov. or so. It's so wonderful. Infact just tonight we ate basil on our burgers! Yum!

    Oh and we made fresh salsa lastnight.... but the toms were not from our garden. Boo.

    I wish I could grow lettuce.

  5. Good for you! Purchased annuals are SO expensive. We are spending so much time in the backyard that I didn't even plant flowers in the front this year.

    Your neighbors are only jealous! ; )