Sunset By Grant

Grant (6) snapped this shot on the evening of Friday last. Sometimes, it's not so bad to turn our world 90 degrees (or is that about 65 degrees?).  Our friend (name dropping) Dave with OKCKAYAK.COM had invited us to be part of the background when the crew from Discover Oklahoma came out to do a piece on the sport of flat water kayaking ... and Dave's niche biz. It's supposed to air on July 12. We did that, then whipped over to another part of the lake to eat our picnic while the boys fished and the sun went down (Grant grabbed the camera after he hooked his line in the rocks for the 100th time). 

I finally got in the water. I am HOOKED. Love it. Friday night in the big town.


  1. That looks so much fun! Can I come? What a great mama, getting in the water, giving up the camera, and cooking up some inspire me to be more for my boys when they get there! (but I am still sending the squirrel over to your house)

    how much longer till the 40?

  2. Beautiful photo. My son loves to take like 200 pictures when he gets a hold of the camera and he turns out artistic shots with ALOT of self-portraits!