He's the kinda guy who's cool to sing for free for a couple hundred people in the midst of school supplies at a Christian bookstore, and then sit patiently while all of those people step up to him for a picture and autograph.

He's the kinda guy who's cool to play acoustically in barefeet, and say honestly, he's a little freaked out still to play for people, when he's spent much of his life as a worship leader. He's the kinda guy who is not afraid to say, write about and publish songs with words that challenge us to quit talking about the poor, and get our hands involved to erase poverty (then there'll be peace).

I gave the DVD to his (Todd Agnew's)manager guy and told him about Cross & Crown and he said, (and I quote) ... "Awesome. We'll watch it on the bus tonight."

The vid is on Ron's blog right now. I plan to pull it over here, and am contemplating expanding blog/website with iWeb, but who am I kidding? Every time I sit here, I'm stealing time from kids, work, house. So, here's Ron's blog, vid's on the right.

Giles took this picture.

I think it would be very easy to crop myself out of this picture. Yuck. But who cares? One neat thing is that Todd mentioned reading a book last year called "Irresistible Revolution" by Shane Claiborne. There I stood in full view with my Jesus Was Homeless shirt that I got from Shane's movement. I don't know if he saw the Tshirt or not, but we made eye contact. COOL.

BTW - Shane's house burned down in Philly last month. The dude who went to live with the poor in a shanty neighborhood is now homeless.

I don't have good words right now to share more about the whole experience, and could not adequately convey his message (he's the songwriter!). Or the awesome experience with my kids. The intimacy we shared (and between brother and sister! so sweet ... and sadly, rare) - the thrill over getting autographs from a Christian guy - pondering what their hearts took in from the experience and how God will use it - and their eyes rolling when they caught my tears falling more than a couple of times.

But Todd's bold and he's living it. I want to be more like that.

Here's one part of the lyrics from one song called "if you wanted me" ... it's asking God "if you wanted me to die to myself, why'd yo make me fall so deeply in love with life?"

and ...

"if you wanted me to be like YOU.
why'd You make me like Me."