Don't leave home without it

My camera. Approaching a busy intersection yesterday after picking up Lydia and friends from Camp Sing-A-Lot, I noticed some kind of hubbub ahead. A wreck? Someone stalled? I rolled up to my front row stop at the left turn lane and we saw what was holding up traffic.

Mama Duck and her five little ducklings.

She was jaywalking from the south west corner to the north east corner of Memorial and Eastern. Duckies were scrambling as fast at their tiny web feet could take them across scorching July asphalt. Mama was behind them quacking the whole time. "Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Go. Go. Go."

We all stopped. Watched. Cheered. I think we were all also holding our breath ... please make it. And wondering whether we could find parenting classes for Mama. But we all make parenting mistakes!

They made it. Yay ducks!
The photos would have been awesome!