Stuff Christians Like on Homeschooling

Haven't checked this blog lately but was humored to see this post on homeschooling!

It's kind of like the skit on SNL the other night (the Tina Fey as Palin and Michael Phelps as host episode that, yes, we all stayed up to watch and then were grumpy at church the next morning). Humorous, but could have been WAY funnier.

Thoughts? The comments on his homeschool post are interesting. Mostly, they make me sad. And I'm too chicken to say why. Kinda like I'm too chicken to get into a debate about Sarah Palin. I'm mostly for her, but my very very first thought about her before we knew anything more than her name was "I hope she's done raising her kids." Oh. Nope. And look at that new baby.

Oh well. I kind of feel the same way about Obama too ... missing out on his kids' lives to do this. (On the other hand, what a ride for those kids. Talk about educating for life!)

See, I'm not "sexist." (whatever).

Some of us are called to do MORE and can do more.

I can't.


  1. I have to say, that I pretty much thought the same way as all of those comments, before I started! :)

    I think I have been assuming you were on the Palin train, sorry! Just think-she is in charge, so she can take them where she wants!

    I guess I just think, who are we to say what is right for someone else? Homeschooling mothers kinda crack me up, they are all about no one telling them what they should do with their kids, or that they should work some even from home, but some of them are the first ones to say that every other family is doing it wrong if they don't school. Sometimes I feel frowned on in that crowd for working part time, but they don't know me or my situation, or my motives, or what God has asked of me. Every family is different, they have to do what God calls them to do. Right? I sure am glad this is what He called me to!

  2. I'm on the Palin train. That issue ... Titus 2:5 ... was giving me a headache as I struggled with it while wanting to like her. It just gave me a catch in my heart. I do like her though. I've done the nursing a baby while on conference calls, and bouncing a baby in meetings ... and staying up all night pumping milk for the next day when I sent G to a babysitter. I did it. I look back now and wonder HOW ... didn't give the job or the kids everything they needed. That was me though. She has a village, obviously. Didn't Hillary write a book about that!?

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  4. I'll try that with grace this time. That post makes me sad for the veiled low self-esteem behind many of those comments. I get it, you do your thing, I'll do mine. But his post borders on mocking what you really have no idea about.