The main thing

I love my Old Schoolhouse Magazine for homeschool families. I had some quiet time recently to really read most of the articles and I underlined lots of things and dog-eared lots of pages. One nugget I want to share is from an article from Ken Ham.

"The Bible makes it clear that every human being will live forever in heaven or hell. What a responsibility we have as parents to be entrusted with this heritage from the Lord. The Lord has entrusted us to train our children for eternity. In addition to training them in their earthly ministry, we have to provide them with eternal training - to love the Lord. Yes, it is nice to have successful children in college and getting good grades, but it would be better to have ditch diggers who love the Lord than successful kids who don't love the Lord. He's the bottom line: the most important thing in the world is that we know Christ."

During our summer break from "school," I will be praying about more ways to incorporate the Word into our schooling. And really asking the Lord to show us how to love him and how to love each other.

(As I type this, the kids are fighting quite hatefully. Just two minutes ago they were lovingly cooperating in play while they staged a military parade with Barbies and GI Joes for Memorial Day... their idea. We do have our work cut out for us.)