When caller ID says COUNTY JAIL

Do you answer the phone?
I won't answer an "unavailable call," a political call or calls from certain family members (kidding), but I couldn't resist answering the call from the jail.

When I picked up and heard that the call was from "LaMonte" (made up name), I then had to listen to two minutes worth of instructions about how much I would be charged for taking the call. While doing the calculations and canvassing my brain to figure out whether we really knew any "LaMontes" who could be at the jail, I decided to take the call.

Of course he had the wrong number.

I asked if there was someone I could call for him.

He was extremely friendly and gracious, "oh yes ma'am, that would help so much. thank you."

So I took down the number of his sister. "La Monte" had already called all his cribs and couldn't reach anyone ... one of those numbers was close to ours, we figured out.

He wanted me to tell his sister he was "caught" and if she could bail him out.

I was dying to ask what he was in for, and how long he'd been there. I didn't.

I should have prayed with him right then, I realize NOW. But I just told him I'd call the sis.

After we hung up, I reported the news to the family. Stan immediately suspected scam, and Giles freaked out.

So we made light of it all to Giles and told him it was a wrong number and the dude can't hurt us cuz HE'S IN JAIL.

Stan called on his cell the sister's number. We can't get through. Busy.

I probably wrote down the number incorrectly and La Monte will rot in the county poke forever because his ONE phone call was to our number.


  1. Wow. That's exciting. What kind of scam would it be? A hope that you would offer to bail him out? Pretty funny that it was La Monte.