Walking the Walk

Wew. Almost forgot how to tap into this blog, it's been so long.

No big reason to post now, except I felt like it. And maybe it's a prelude to chronicle a new journey our fam is about to embark on. Intriguing, no?

So, I've always wanted to walk to the grocery store. Even more now that I have "green" reusable grocery bags, and when I need just a few things that I could easily carry.

So grabbed bag, cash, shuffle, list and mace ... just kidding. I packed heat. No, not really. I went in the daytime. No worries.

Lots of people do this. I'm trying to be health-conscious, carbon-imprint conscious and adventurous. There's lots of folks around here who have to walk to the store, or anywhere. I don't know if they pack heat, but sometimes they pack a lot of little kids in a stroller, push their own grocery cart, and some people carry drinks in brown paper bags. If they do it, I should try.

Anyway. Loved it. As a bonus my shuffle's shuffle gave me ...
"All By Myself" (Eric Carmen's 1970s hit) to make me laugh
"We Love You Lord" (David Crowder) to make me praise, and
"All We Need" (Charlie Hall) to make me cry.
Then I was at the store ... and got a couple more Charlie songs for the walk home.

I could have improvised everything I needed for tonight's menu of jicama slaw and fish tacos, except for the cilantro. How do you fake cilantro? So I walked to the store to buy it (and strawberries on impulse) but I want to grow it.

So on my urban dweller TO DO list. Walk to the grocery store. Check.
Now, let's head to the country! And grow some stuff.


  1. nice to have you back