The Shelts went to the MUSIC BUILDS concert last weekend and volunteered. Since the music was TOO LOUD for Stan's ear, he hung out with the staff while we rocked out inside ... and he mentioned that I write a blog and volunteered me to write something for them. Like I minded! But the surprise was, they wanted my drivel! :-)

NOW ... join ONE and share some food.

Here tis.

And here are pictures to go with ...

Here's "Mr. I Got More Names than You." in action.

"Please sign my petition to stop world hunger."
JARS OF CLAY .... they're signing his HAT.
Familia ...
Fans of the FOOT.


  1. Great job, in everything. Writing, picture taking, changing the world, and teaching your children to do the same!

  2. Oh my, so awesome on many levels!

  3. Your family is way up there on my list of heroes. I confess a bit of that terrible sin of envy, but mostly am just so impressed! Great article, Dawn!

    I do love Jars of Clay and would have a hard time focusing on volunteer work if they walked up!


  4. Just read the article! Amazing Dawn! It's so cool what you're teaching your kids! They are so blessed to have such inspired, faithful parents! You guys inspire us to be awesome parents too! I think this is one area all of parents and people could learn a lot about. VOLUNTEER for something bigger than YOU! It feels great to do stuff for others! Can't wait to take E to stuff like this! You guys ROCK!