Skool Shmool

Getting excited and about to get ready. But resentful of all of the "back to school" hype.

When school was letting out last May, we would be asked when our last day of school was. My typical response is "never." 

We're educating for life! So it's never over. Plus, that was the guilt ridden homeschool mom answer to being able to catch up or measure up or one up.

But when summer hit (when the school kids got out), it was OVER. And I was relieved. I needed the break. They needed a break.

Mostly I needed the break just to let myself off the hook of feeling like a failure at the end of every day or week. Or that we didn't do enough ... or that TOMORROW will be the day we figure this out.

Educating for life. 

I really need my support homeschool group. I'm letting the guilt, satan and feelings of inadequacy creep in. 

Wouldn't they be better off in school?
Doesn't everyone else's family do it better ... or correctly?
Who am I kidding?

Wew. This entry is all over the place. A true journal thought that has no business on the internet ... but keepin' it real. Keepin' it real.

So now the question ... when are you starting school again?


We're educating for life.

And going on vacation when everyone else goes back to school (taking our school with us, of course!).

That's how we roll.


  1. You are doing more than enough. Your children are brilliant, well spoken, well mannered, and a heck of a lot of fun. They love the Lord and they love Jesus. Enjoy vacation, read a few books, play a lot, and keep keepin it real!

  2. I wish I attended your school when I was a kid..... SOUNDS FUN!