Do we live what we teach?

Those little teachable moments that come while driving around.

When out of the blue, Giles comments: "You know, those people who write those scripts at church (his Bible class), I bet they don't tell people about Jesus."

Luckily, I already had my foot on the brake as I approached a stoplight to save us from careening off the road. Such cynicism from my sweet nine-year-old. NINE!

I honestly don't remember all of the details that transpired next, except of trying to get at exactly what he meant. He was talking about the curriculum we use in Sunday school and the drama scripts we have some weeks with kids and adults in situations emulating what might happen on the playground, at work, or in the world.

In my heart, I feared that I knew what he meant, he's wondering who exactly does he see telling people about Jesus?

But mostly, I talked too much instead of listening to him more ...

Mom: "well, we tell people about Jesus lots of times by how we act. Being a good example ... and that leads to them trusting us to tell them about our savior ..."

Then I began preaching some more.

And he busted me. "Okay. Here comes the sermon," he said.

Yes. He's NINE.

We are in for it. Does he get that cynicism naturally from me? What's he really thinking? We're not keeping it real enough for him?

God then led us to talking about some of the friends we have who we KNOW do not know the Lord. And ways of showing them about Jesus, and the point at which we'll share. Him with his friends. Me with the Mom.

Why haven't I told her more about Jesus?

Out of the mouths of babes.

Wait til his Dad hears about this.
Dad will set all of us straight!